Is everything really made in Melbourne?
Yes. We know where the fabric comes from, where the clothing is made and even the first names of everyone involved.

I'm an illustrator. Can I collab with you?
We are no longer doing collaborations with clothing, however there's always fun stuff going on here. Please email us at hello [at] tillyme.com

I live in Melbourne and don't want to pay shipping. Can I pick it up from you?
Pick up can be arranged from our Tullamarine location. Please email us prior to collection.

I am uncomfortable paying via PayPal. Can you accept credit card over the phone?
Yes, for Australian customers that's fine. Please email us so we may arrange a phone call.
Do you really gift wrap all your orders?

Ordinarily yes, however in situations where the parcel would jump to the next exorbitant shipping bracket, most cosmetic packaging will be removed.

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Please feel free to save and share our content, just no making money off us, mmhmm!

And this whole time we say 'we', it's really just me, Natalie.